Massey School of Dance

"Miss" Jodi started her dance training at the age of three and graduated from Massey School of Dance in 2005.  During her time as student, she was a part of the competition troupe where she attended numerous workshops and competitions. She has had the opportunity to take classes from Al Gilbert, Stepp Stewart, Allison Holker, Tammy Colucci and many more. Before graduating, she was a student assistant, which allowed her to work closely with the younger dancers. This was when she realized her love and passion, for not only dancing but for teaching. She feels it's more than just teaching the steps, it's about teaching the values and traditions that come from dancing at Massey School of Dance. 

"Miss" Monica started her dance training at the age of 3. She trained with Massey School of Dance until she graduated in 2002. During her 15 years, she was a student assistant, assisting "Miss" Debby and "Miss" Inga with the younger students. Following her graduation she returned to teach and is currently in her 14th year of teaching. She has taught babies to adults and ballet to hip hop. Monica says there isn't much she loves to do more- than to dance= and that it is such a blessing to be able to share it with those who love it as well. Monica is thankful for the discipline, loyalty, respect and most importantly the TRADITIONS that she learned from Massey School of Dance. She is thankful every day to be a part of such an amazing "FAMILY"!  

What began as the dream of a mother and a busy housewife has become an institution in the Zebulon community for over fifty years. After the death of Mrs. H.C. Wade in 1960, Alma Doris Massey realized the need for dance to continue for the young people in this area. Her husband, Frank Massey, closed in their two car garage and in the fall of 1960 the journey began. 

In 1967, Debby Massey Driver took the reins of Massey School of Dance, teaching in the same studio until her husband Eddie Driver, built a studio in the basement of their new home north of Zebulon. Later, Eddie built a second location in Wilson, where "Miss" Debby and several teachers taught for eleven years. 

Now with Inga Beck as assistant director, the school has eight teachers, an office staff of three, and many extremely talented volunteers who together ensure that the journey continues. 


We were honored in 2010, when the Tarheel Traveler came to our studio in celebration

of our 50th year of dance!

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"Miss" Eileen trained on a full scholarship at the Joffrey Ballet School and the School of American Ballet. She has studied with many prominent teachers such as Lawrence Rhodes, Robert Joffrey, Maggie Black. Zena Rommett, and Finis Jhung. After her performing career, she returned to Joffrey to pursue a teaching career. She was on the faculty of the Princeton Ballet School and later opened her own studio. "Miss" Eileen is also the creator of the BalletBarreNone program and the 3-DVD series called "The Children's Hour of Power". She currently resides in North Carolina and has been here teaching for the past several years. 

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